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The Fresh Taste of Malta


Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker, the leading and oldest family wine producer in Malta since 1907.


Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker was founded in 1907. The success story of the 4th generation family run winemaker continues, more than one hundred years later.


Today, Delicata is recognised as the driving force behind the renaissance of Maltese viticulture having introduced the use of modern vine growing techniques. This, together with state of the art winemaking equipment and technology has earned Delicata’s reputation as Malta’s leading and favourite winemaker.


Over the last few years a number of exciting new wines have emerged as part of the Delicata portfolio, both from unique indigenous vines and newly planted international varieties. Delicata’s Malta and Gozo grown wines are Gran Cavalier, Grand Vin de Hauteville, Victoria Heights, Medina, Gellewza and Girgentina Frizzante and Pjazza Regina. The results are fruit driven, quality wines that offer value, consistency and flavour that reflect the Mediterranean climate perfectly. Many of these wines have won international awards and acclaim from some of the world’s leading wine critics.


Delicata’s commitment to create even more fascinating quality wines through innovation and creativity will continue...